Most brunches also offer Specials for that day - take a look at a sample Specials Menu.

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HMH's Famous Brunches

 First Saturday of each month - April to December    

The once-a-month Saturday brunches at HMH are justly famous occasions. They operate from March to December on the first Saturday of every month (see the schedule below).

They’re called “brunches” but actually the Hall operates for the day as a wonderful café serving fantastic cooked breakfasts, teas, and mouth-watering cakes and ice-creams.

All the staff are unpaid volunteers and the proceeds from every “Brunch Saturday” go towards the charity.

If you’ve not tried it you’re missing a major treat.

Come along and try it out – combine it with a bracing Dales walk or cycling trip, or just pop in with the car (there’s good parking).



Allergens: Please ask if you have any concerns



Brunch—served until 2pm                                                         

Bacon, sausage, tomato, free range egg & a slice of toast                                 £4.00

Baked beans                                                                                                                    50p

Hash browns                                                                                                                   50p

Bacon sandwich in brown/white bun                                                                     £2.50

Sausage sandwich in brown/white bun                                                                 £2.70

Fried free range egg sandwich in brown/white bun (V)                                      £2.00

Baked beans on brown/white toast (V)                                                                  £2.00


Oven Baked Jacket Potatoes:


Check our specials board for today’s fillings


Sandwiches (Please specify brown/white bread)

Children’s strawberry jam sandwich (V)                                                                £1.00

Egg mayonnaise with cress and salad garnish (V)                                               £2.50

Cheese & chutney with salad garnish (V)                                                              £2.50

Salmon & cucumber with salad garnish (V)                                                          £3.50

Roast ham with chutney/mustard and salad garnish                                         £4.00


Luxury toasted tea cake and butter                                                                       £2.00

Homemade fruit/plain scone with butter                                                             £2.00

Homemade fruit/plain scone with jam and cream                                             £2.50

Ice cream, per scoop                                                                                                £1.00

Selection of homemade loaf cake from                                                                £1.60

Selection of homemade cakes from                                                                      £2.50


See our specials board for desserts





Pot of tea for one:                                                                           

Regular/decaffeinated                                                                                             £1.00

Speciality teas available                                                                                           £1.20

Regular/decaffeinated coffee with refill                                                                £1.00

Cadburys hot chocolate with cream                                                                      £1.50

Sprite/Coke/Fanta                                                                                                     £1.00

Harrogate Spring Water                                                                                               60p

Orange squash                                                                                                              30p

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